The original “knights” of England were Black!

King Arthur’s Round Table! 
That’s why they were called “knights” after the night or darkness of their skin. - 

the myths and origins were also African... 

The Round table is really the Zodiac - but more on this later. 

Have you ever really wondered what it means by the "Dark Ages"??? 

It's where they ripped out the pages of our true history. 


Black rulership of the Roman Empire begins in 193 A.D.

The original “knights” of England were Black! --including the knights of with African born, Roman Emperor Septimus Severus.  There were four other Black emperors after the Severus dynasty. 

Hannibal, the father of military strategy, performed the astounding feat of 
crossing the Alps on elephants in 218 B.C.  With only 26,000 of his 
original force of 82,000 troops remaining, Hannibal defeated Rome, the mightiest 
military power of the age, who had a million men, in every battle for the next 
fifteen years.  His tactics are still taught in leading military academies 
of the U.S., Europe & other lands.

Black ruler ship was widespread in Europe during the “Dark” & Middle Ages! 

Black Knights van de Roundtable (Het echte verhaal van Koning Arthur)
King Arthur (Osiris/Ausar) : You may try to kill and destroy me... but you'll never destroy the ideals of Camelot! (Kemet/KMT) 

~Camelot is KMT~ 

Here's the history 
Any comprehensive account of the African presence in early Europe should include England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Scandinavia. The history and legends of Scotland confirm the existence of "purely Black people." We see one of them in the person of Kenneth the Niger. During the tenth century Kenneth the Niger ruled over three provinces in the Scottish Highlands

African Pygmies? 

Legends around the world, from Ireland to Japan speak of the earliest 
inhabitants of their land as being "small blacks" or "dark dwarfs." The 
original Irish "leprechauns" were in fact, pygmies! The ancient Egyptians 
spoke of the "Twa people" -small brown men who were early inhabitants on 
earth. Presenting a fascinating account of Lemuria & Atlantis. 

An African king named Gormund ruled Ireland during the Anglo-Saxon period in England reports the medieval historian Geoffrey of Monmouth. 

Halfdan the Black was the first Africoid king to unite Norway. 

When the British Isles were invaded by the Vikings some of these Norse raiders were Africoid. In fact, different varieties of ‘Viking’ Africans lived in Scandinavia during the middle ages and are frequently mentioned in Viking sagas.

There were Black Huns! The dictionary describes the Huns as “a fierce barbaric race of Asiatic nomads who led by Attila, ravaged Europe I the 4th and 5th centuries A.D.” The Gothic writer Jordannes described their infamous leader, Attila the Hun as having “a flat nose and swarthy complexion.” He describes the types of Huns he had seen as “of dark complexion, almost black... broad shoulder, flat noses and small eyres.” 

The African Moors dominated southwest Europe during the Middle Ages for 700 years: 711-1492 A.D. African Moors ruling southwest Europe centuries, darkened whites in this area, especially Portal, which was “the first example of a Negrito (African) republic in Europe?" 

Moors ruling Scotland in the 10th century mixed with whites until the black skin color disappeared. 

(1744 - 1818) 

Charlotte Sophia - Wife 

King George III 


Black Celts (Silures) & Black Vikings vexed with the Scandinavia people. A prominent Viking of the eleventh century was Thorhall, who was aboard the ship that carried the early Vikings to the shores of North America. Thorhall was "the huntsman in summer and in winter the steward of Eric the Red. He was a large man and strong, black, and like a giant, silent, and foul-mouthed in his speech, and always egged on Eric to the worst; he was a bad Christian." 

Another Viking, more notable than Thorhall, was Earl Thorfinn, "the most distinguished of all the earls in the Islands." Thorfinn ruled over nine earldoms in Scotland and Ireland, and died at the age of seventy-five. His widow married the king of Scotland. Thorfinn was described as "one of the largest men in point of stature, and ugly, sharp featured, and somewhat tawny, and the most martial looking man. It has been related that he was the foremost of all his men." 

The black blood type is common even in Nordic Europe where intermixing has been happening since antiquity.

Black slavery lasted in England for about 400 years (1440-1834), during which time much intermixing occurred. 


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